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Who Are You On Fire For?

Are you running like your butt is on fire?

Are you running from an issue, running towards a goal, running after a person for a relationship or friendship, running to a place for a distraction, or running to Jesus?

Do not think the the enemy has not gotten wiser to distract you with good or busy things to keep you from God?

If something is being chased after it is not a blessing always from God. If somthing is not coming easy... it is not a blessing from God. If there is no peace in it... then it is not of God.

Most run for the next game, book, sex, opportunity, event, family genuinely because they want that time, feeling, or experience from them that they would do anything to get it.

While others run after addictions, comforts, achievements, goals or people that hurt them because they want that distraction, that acceptance, that dismissal from the thing that haunts them day and night with worry, doubt, and fear.

Jesus teaches us in Proverbs 18:10 NKJV 10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.

Jesus also teaches us in Matthew 6:33 NKJV 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

You can not fit a square box into a heart shape opening. That place you are trying to fill with good or bad things is not what you think it is. Jesus is meant to fill out Hearts.

When we decide to run to Him for comfort instead of the ice cream, beer, drugs, good tv show, or lover.. then we will truly feel that comfort and peace we been seeking. It does not cover up the issue for a moment. Jesus covers the issue and smothers it out for you to be healed.

So what does seeking Jesus instead look like?

Being still a moment and simply saying Lord I really want someone to call and check on me, Lord I really want to enjoy a piece of cake and not gain 20 lbs or have it harm my health, Lord I really want to have good hot sex with my spouse, Lord I really want to just not worry about my bills, Lord help me find my keys, Lord speak to my child for me, Lord help me with my unbelief and help me to run to you in all things.

Then be still a moment and thank Him that you have access to Him, that He is there with you, and that He is able to do exceedingly above any person, place or thing. Believing that your request was heard and in process.

We will wait on the banker to process the loan while sitting at the car lot all day.. expecting them to come back with a good deal. We will wait on the parent to finally say yes we can go or they will help us after days of cleaning, and begging... expecting them to say yes. We will wait on the friend that is busy at work, with their family or new boy/girl friend weeks expecting them to call or give us their time. We will wait on the man/woman to finally notice us and ask us out or do somthing nice... or to change from their evil ways expecting them to do what is right or pay attention. We will wait on our spouse that takes forever to get ready or to show up for somthing you have planned for weeks or to get that new thing you been wanting... We will wait on the waiter, the shipping, the dealer, the next best toy, movie, book, party, or outing expecting it to happen with no doubts!


Today what are you running to for peace?

Books, Outings, Games, Work, Hobbies .... What is it??

Today who are you running to for needs?

Self, Parents, Friends, Bosses, Pastors, Spouses??

Jesus is running behind you waiting for you to speak to Him!!!

Just like you running after that person, place or thing.

He wants you that bad, and He done it all to get you!!!!

Just like those people, places and things that take you for Granted leaving you wondering why... Your answer lies in ....Why do you take Jesus for Granted?

Because you have become the back up plan .... they know you will always be there begging, waiting, and ready.... YOU ARE MORE LIKE JESUS THAN YO KNOW... REJECTED, SERVING, HOPEFUL, BUT you sowed that in.

Sow In Jesus and receive all that your heart desires!!

Stop thinking you can do all, have all, and Jesus already has you in His book... He does NOT. A good person is not a God person.

Jesus is not expecting works, religion, bondage out of you. He is expecting you to just talk, walk, listen, and go to Him first so He can show you how to truly have all that your heart desires.

That is all it is yall. It is not hard like most make it.

You must choose this day whom you will serve... and that must be shown in your actions and reactions... who are you running too... Who are you serving and Who is your god/God right now???

Author - Speaker - Pastor

Jill Deville

Jill Deville World Ministry

Gift Ministry of Louisiana

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