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The Sheep Separated Gets Eaten!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

That 1 sheep that gets loose from the pack...that wolf will know the challenge is less grand to attack. He don't even have to sneak up on that sheep even though the wolf is fully exposed. He just charges for it like a feast!

That's how you are when you separate yourself from your family, from your friends, from your church. You leave yourself exposed! You leave yourself alone! Some people do not realize they do this to theirself. They get caught up in work or they get caught up in they're so called " busy " life not realizing that busyness is a trick from the devil, it's not a blessing from God at all !!!

They start using excuses like I couldn't get there. I didn't know what to do, I was sick. I forgot I had an appointment. I had to work. But lo and behold if they had something that they really wanted to do, they would have made time to be with that person, place, or thing !!!!

It's time we wake up and be honest with ourselves. There's no lying when it comes to God !!!

When you don't want to be with Him, He knows it. When you prefer to be with others, in other places, and doing other things, He Knows. When it gets to be too much and He knows you will become lost forever, then He will step in with correction. Sometimes that looks like separation, or loss of those people, places and things you put before Him. It is not that He does not want you to have them. He wants you to have them because HE gave them to you. He gives and takes !!!!!

He's a jealous God. A God that is trying to save your soul!!! A God that is trying to save you from yourself, and from being ignorant and from being a lazy Christian or not a Christian at all!!!

Some don't realize "loved ones" spouses, parents, bosses, friends...(dogs & pigs) Matthew 7:6 work for the enemy and stray you from God, your family, your hopes and dreams. You accept their jealousy. You take it as "love" (as if that was love at all) it's almost like its impressive to you!!

You let these people absorb all your time, all your thoughts, all your opportunities. You feel defeated and closed into a corner when it's time to spend time with God; or someone that God has placed in your life like a family or friend that you used to have and make time for!

Most people don't realize that lust and sex is one of the main reasons that you get distracted from God, family, opportunities. They live in fear that the person they're with will cheat on them. So they stay stuck up there behind as much as possible. Maybe they been married for a long time and their husband or wife is finally noticing them again or at all. Mainly because they're not so noticeable to other people anymore. So now they have time for that spouse all of a sudden. Now that spouse is enough.

Instead of the person that waited in mercy and grace for this time with their spouse (which is rare). All the prayers that this person would come to God. Now, that they are turning toward you, where you can lead them to God. You choosing to follow them once again to hell. Hell in your marriage, hell in your life and eventually Hell itself!

They want to take everything from you because they are so self-centered and focused on themselves of course! You don't realize the job you have to do is to lead them to God. Even though you prayed for that position. Instead you let them Lead You astray like the sheep wondering from the pack. Just waiting for the wolf to attack !!

You are deceived by the bait (the private parts they have) One by one you start to lose your opportunities, your vehicle, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your job, your faith ( ((( typically the faith is the FIRST to go.. not the last if we're being honest )))

It's the one thing you are willing to give up first! God & your faith !!! Its the one thing you don't mine rejecting at all. Then you reject friends. Then you begin to reject calls and texts. Then you begin to reject your opportunities and your feelings. Then you begin to reject your family!!

You feel God's mercy and Grace endures forever and that He will put up with you and He will to some extent. You also forgetting His wrath and His protection. His job is to save your soul!

Also you feel it's okay to avoid family & friends because they love you and have endured with you They will keep making excuses for you at first. Until you hurt them so dearly and deeply,. Until they understand they have to get out of God's way or they simply have enough of you!

Understand the attack from the enemy just looks like a head-on collision. A kill, steal and a destroy mission !! Gods protection and provision is deeper. He begins to try to save you by cutting away the things that distract you from Him, no matter what they are!!! No matter how special they are to you.

You feel like He's evil because He takes these things, people, places (babies, jobs, spouse, opportunities, friends, lovers ) you feel like He's evil because He allows these things. At the end of the day, you are the one that is evil. You are the one that's taking it away you !!!

You always have and have had a choice to stay in the pack!! You choose working for yourself, defending yourself, helping yourself, feeding yourself, loving yourself, wondering around this world by yourself. Just lost and confused. Wondering why everything is going so wrong. But yet knowing deep down exactly why!

Next time your Shepherd chimes that bell and says IT'S FEEDING TIME join the pack. Follow your Shepherd and you shall not want!!!

Love and Faith doesn't act the way your acting. God is love and the real definition of love is not chasing after someone or pleasing someone for them to care about you. Love isn't finally getting someone to be a part of God with you and then saying it's okay let's do this instead!

With everyone feeling so much need to apologize for their post: I want to end with this. If this post offends or convicts you in any kind of way, then it most definitely is intended for you!!!! YES YOU!!!

Whether I know you or not. After praying this morning and smelling the smoke in the air from fires that are blazing many many miles away from another parish; knowing that God said the world would end with fire has me in a concern for many souls.

I don't have to worry about being harmed by the fire blazing because during the baptism of fire I learned to endure, grow and learn. God is going to take me straight to heaven with Him because I have devoted my life to Him. I'll do anything for Him, no matter what and no matter who I have to excuse myself from !!!

So yes this post is for you and I pray it convicts you and corrects you so much so to the point of "instead of questioning me" ...and "talking about me" You start questioning yourself and talking about God!!

Ask why do you do these things you do? Why is God last or not at all in your life. Ask God why your child don't know God or see God in you!

Because when the fire starts getting closer and closer to you literally and spiritually. Will God even be close enough to you to hear you finally ask for forgiveness?

Does He know that you are waiting for the last effort so you could serve the enemy until you had to serve God. The problem is God does know your heart !!! Many say, " oh God understands" and you are right; He understands completely that you do not have time for Him... that's what you should be worried about!

Jill Deville

Author & Speaker

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