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The Seed Was Planted

God continues to give me a word that the seed is planted.

Yall I know as parents, mentors, and leaders in Ministry you may feel like that seed is just not planted. That ground is just not good and you want to go and till it up and plant it again.

Think back to the seeds that were planted in you years ago when you were in the dirt. When you were in that field you were not expecting anything out of that seed, right? When you were waiting for the harvest, were you getting the water and fertilizer you needed.

But the farmer ( God ) kept coming.

He kept coming with all His servants until one day the seed began to grow.

God teaches us in Proverbs to train up our child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. That was not just for our children. That was for the spiritual children God places in our lives both young and old.

Our job is to plant it. Our job is not to be the Farmer. God is well capable of His position. He is waiting for you to know yours.

God wants to remind you today, sometimes the seeds take longer to reach the surface and sprout. Sometimes it takes longer for the seed to crack and begin to search for the light and burst through the shell, the dirt, the fertilizer. Especially if that seed is not getting the fertilizer ( word of God ) or water ( God ) daily or at the very least weekly.

God knows it is hard for us to see people mess up over and over again. God also knows you have the training, the knower, and the want to help them and show them that they do not have to go through what you went through to get freedom, love, peace, and joy.

But the question is, what did it take for you? Did you listen to the warnings? Did you listen and obey when others told you what would be best and work best? No, I know I did not. It took falling on my face with nothing at all to give, do, or be to see the light and grow.

That was my choice in ignorance. However because of it I fell so hard ..... that I fell so in love with Jesus! A love that nothing could, or would separate us. Sometimes that is what it takes to truly receive the fertilizer and water for the seed.

So love, be ready, and show God to them in your actions and reactions... so they will know where the light is when they are in complete darkness and ready to grow.

Their time is coming, and God is counting on you not to be hard hearted, but to be ready and alert.

Jill Deville

Author & Speaker

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Thank you for your time, love, prayers and support.

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