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The Answered Prayer by Author Jill Deville

Are you the one in your phone during a gathering? So consumed with what others are doing on socials or what you need to have done that you miss the moments God has given you.

Are you the one in your thoughts in a gathering? So consumed by what you did do, did not do, need to do, or your thoughts of what others are doing or done to you that you miss out on the joy, and breakthrough that God has given you.

Maybe you the one in discouraged by the work, church, family gathering that you are hosting or invited to that you have so much anexiety you do not realize it was the very answer to a prayer you have been pleading to Jesus for.

We pray God lead me, make me stronger, wiser, calm, peaceful, joyful... Lord I am sick of being or feeling alone in a crowded room. Then when God answers that prayer or begings the work around you to fulfill that prayer you reject the opportunity because of the discomfort you feeling.

Know that your blessings from the Lord is the very people, places and things you are afraid, dreading or concerned about interacting with.

Do not become so religious, prideful, or worldly that you say... O my "??" will be there. I hope she/he does not stand on the table and preach..... in addition... O my "??" will be there... they are so negative, vulgar, drunk, revealing... I do not want to be around them... or my children to see what they do. Or O my.. I am not used to being around those people, places or things... I am so stressed even thinking about going.

You were given Gifts and Talents from the Lord. God also shares what we ask whether in voice or from our Heart will be answered when we ask and believe.

These moments are send us on a mission to save souls with love, and to answer our deepest prayers. They are also stepping stones into the plans God has for us to prosper, and succeed filled with Hope and a Furture ( Jeramiah 29:11 ).

God gives us wisdom, understanding, common sense, love, and the WORD OF GOD that teaches us to be the Light in the darkness and to love others more than ourselves. God also gives us answered prayers in His ways, not ours. We may say Lord wake me up early, ready to go, with no thoughts of the things that have been processing in out mind over and over that have held us captive in a want, worry, or need.

Well, our idea or plan may look like this for the answer... Waking up about 1 minute before the alarm to have some sort of control, waking up with no pain, confusion, fear. Breakfast cooked, the house cleaned and everyone catering to you, being nice to you, or staying away from you.

However, Gods answer may look like this..... waking up in a rush because the alarm did not go off, noticing your work clothes are not clean so you have to toss them in the dryer and roll with it, having a bit of a challenge finding the keys to get out the door just in time to not be late.

You may be thinking... ummm this does not seem so great of an answer.... but then.... you hear that still small voice from within your conscience say... BUT YOU DID NOT HAVE "THAT THOUGHT, WORRY, DOUBT, OR FEAR this morning like you asked for, did you? Is that not what you asked for?? God knows what it takes to distract your mind from that worry, doubt, challenge, or fear. He knows what it will take to show you while you were doing this... He was able to do that!

So as you are praying for God to help you to be the light in the darkness, more like Him and less like you, Transformed in Jesus name or my favorite... Peace, Patience and Self Control....Know this......

That the people God puts us in contact with are meant to give us the opportunity to Show What We Know (James 1:22 ) and answer those prayers..... If you know the Word of God, then use it in your interactions and do what Jesus would do. He would not judge others, he would not dread being around others. He would be excited to be the love, hope, encouragement that they need. He is building an imune system within you so that you will not waver and so that your prayer for others to be saved will be answered because your heart asked!

God puts us into each others life for wisdom and understanding to see how far we have come, and to see how far we need to be.

Meaning... to see the one struggling and help them, encourage them, be there for them, listen to them, or just make them laugh or feel loved to forget for a moment the struggle that they are going through. He did not put you there to shove the word of God in their ears so fiercely that they block you out. He did not put you there to show them the devil and his ways... He put you there to show them Jesus in action.

He also puts them in our lives to learn, grow, be humble, and resist pride, religion and foolishness that causes us to realize How powerful our Savior is and how much we need Him.

As your prepare for this Christmas Day or Any day do not become weary of the expectations of yourself and others. Do not forget the prayers you have prayed.. Do not forget God's ways are better than our ways... Be in the presence of Jesus and decide that you going to enjoy this day, season and moment knowing how much God trust you with it... and that your prayers were heard and are being answered. Maybe not the way you wanted them answered... but within His way, truth and life!

Don't forget... you are covered by the blood of Jesus. Your job is to see to it, that others are to in prayer,petition, and ambassodors of Christ.

God Bless You All.

Author Jill Deville

 Jill Deville World Ministry

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