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Show What You Know by Jill Deville

Do you know the Word of God but have trouble applying it to your life?

Do you know of God, and do not truly know God?

Show What You Know by Jill Deville was written to help you without overwhelming you. Show What You know by Jill Deville allows you to get to meet Jesus and learn how He acted and reacted to people, places and things. Jesus is the Word of God. The Bible was written and left in this earth for us to have a personal journal, letter, instruction manual, road map, love letter, history of our Father, and most of all to fill us up with Jesus so that Jesus would come out of us so that Jesus could continue to reach and teach others how to be set free in Him.

Would you like to be set free from tradition sin and even religious bondage? Show What You Know by Jill Deville introduces you to the way, the truth, and the life (JESUS) and how to find Him daily in the Word of God! (John 14:6)

When Jesus began His ministry He went where the people were! Not to stay there but to be the light in that Darkness! (Matthew 5:13-16) Jesus taught with Simplicity, examples, love, patience, kindness, joy, long suffering, faithfulness, goodness, mercy and Grace! He is the fruit of the Spirit! (James Books 1-5, (Matthew Books 1-28)

When Jesus died for us, He died so that we did not have to earn anything with Him with religion, to ensure us that we would not be condemned by sin, and to inform us we would no longer fall for tradition. (John 3)

As you get to know Jesus and not just know of Jesus, you will fall in love with Him! You will understand that He went through very similar things that you go through and He showed us the way, the truth, and the life to be set free from bondage in tradition, religion and sin! (Book of John)

We transform as we get closer to Jesus. We truly become a new creation in Christ, the old passes and the new begins! His word teaches us that we are ambassadors for Christ so that He can work through us to still hold, listen, talk, provide, protect, encourage, teach, give, serve others through us! And so that we can receive that from others that are filled with Christ the Messiah and not Mess too!!! (2 Corinthians 5)

Show What You Know by Jill Deville (and its series The Inheritance & Armor Up) helps us to not only know the Word of God, but to receive the Word into our body! Once the Word of God is downloaded in us we become filled with Jesus (the Word of God ) Once that happens we have no other choice but to have The Word Of God come out of us in every single circumstance!!! Allowing us to Show Shat You Know! (1 John & 1 & 2 Peter)

If you have a problem with memory that is okay!! I did too!!! Until I ran across the verse that teaches us that the Holy Spirit will guide you, teach you, remind you, and also speak through you when the time is right! (John 14 & John 16)

Let's cast out even those excuses and get to meet Jesus intimately and do our part! James 1:22!!!

Get your copy od Show What You Know today and get a copy for someone else that you know is Desiring to understand, and get to know Jesus with simplicity to grow in wisdom, understanding, and love!

Show What You Know by Jill Deville is available wherever books are sold, rented or viewed. If they do not have it, inquire and they can get it asap.

If you would like an autographed copy go to our event page Book It! Book Club & Events! (on Facebook) Or to see when our next event is or email us to purchase directly!

You can also purchase it here in ebook, paperback and hardcover with Amazon now!

Show What You Know: Transform Your Mind - Mouth - Motives (Show What You Know Series)

Jill Deville

Author - Speaker - Pastor

If you enjoyed this message, you may enjoy my books, lives, post and more. . Look or Inquire for my books Show What You Know, The Inheritance, & Armor Up at a library, bookstore near you. Also available online in eBook, paperback and hardcover. If they do not have it, they can get it asap for you.

You will find direct links at to purchase directly from Amazon as well. If you would like to book an event with Jill Deville you can inquire at or look for Book It! Book Club & Events on Facebook

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