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Just Eat It! Taste & See what the Lord has for you! By Author Jill Deville

If you only took a bath once a week, month or year then how would you smell?

If you forgot your deodorant daily how would you feel without that protection by the end of the day?

If you only ate once a day, week, or month would you lose your power, and be starving???

Each day you care for your flesh!!!!!

In the same way we need to care for our Spirit!!!!!

You must REPENT daily, even 10 times a day ( as you sin ). Does that seem like to much to you? You love to snack, right? You do not consider what that adds to you in weight. Why not receive His free snack, that washes out the junk. His snack allows you to be free from junk instead of gaining weight from it. As you sin ask for forgiveness. ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT EXIST...AT ALL. NEVER!!!

When you get dressed each day with the ARMOR OF GOD. This spiritually protects you. If you would not go without deodorant because you need it's protection for your flesh, right? Understand you need God's protection more. You are not protected, because you are not putting your protection on.

Your body is starving for the Word of God. If you eat and taste the Word of God you will be filled. How do you eat the Word of God? READ THE WORD, HEAR THE WORD, WORSHIP MUSIC... PICK ONE. THIS IS NOT ABOUT WORKS.. IT IS ABOUT GOING TO THE TABLE TO EAT BECAUSE YOU HUNGRY.

What goes in your body comes out of it!

You are an example of what you crave, eat, and know by your actions alone.


(((Says the Lord... check it out... Matthew 15:11-20)))


((Says the Lord... check it out.... James 1 - 5)))

Following the Lord yall is not hard, or bondage. It is freeing. Stop letting the devil deceive you.

Do not be like I was and wait until a humbled moment to fall in love with Jesus. Trust me, when you reach that point in your life that humbles you it does not feel good at all. You will get their if you have not already. Then you will understand my love for the Lord then you will understand true love.

Following the World is why you burnt out. Always trying to please yourself, or others. Your flesh is exhausting to feed you will never fill it up enough for freedom only Jesus can fill you like that.

Jeremiah the prophet speaks of his joy at discovering God's word, “Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart” (Jeremiah 15:16).

God Bless You All.

Author Jill Deville

 Jill Deville World Ministry

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