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Do You Have All Your Parts???

The Body?

Why do you look to the flaws first when it comes to your body before the things you like about yourself? For instance when you look in the mirror, are you looking to check your makeup for error, your hair for the wild parts or your butt to see if it looks good or not in them jeans. Do you size yourself up to see if the outfit makes you look good, thin, fat or fatter?

When you are asked about your body most often we will speak of the bad about it, before the good about it, right? My back hurts, my knees are killing me, I am tired.

Although it may not feel like it, you have grown spoiled by God!! So much so that we can not name the other 1000 parts of us that are working correctly starting with our brain, abilities, and our breathe.

Can you look in the mirror and say wow I am made in the image of God. I am wonderfully and beautifully made? Or do you look at the appearance the world or you have set as your standards for appearance.

In 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 Jesus teaches us that the body is His temple. Our body individually, as well as the body He builds in your church, home, workplace, community, & world. The body is not just you.

The body is where Jesus resides. The body is how Jesus operates to love on, speak through, give, hug, listen, teach, preach, and lead to heaven by example. You see Jesus came to literally show us the way, truth, and life. Not just be the way, the truth, and life. His word shows what He did, when He did it, and how He did it.

Jesus teaches us as Christians that if we are truly Christians we will be known by the fruit. ( Matthew 7:15-20 ) He is that fruit. The only way others and Jesus will know that you truly are His is by your actions and reactions of the fruit of the spirit. This looks like love, joy, peace, kindness, self control, goodness, faithfulness, long suffering, patience. Yay I know, I got a long way to go too. But we must start, amen??

Jesus also teaches us that He gives us Gifts of the spirit ( 1 Corinthians 12: 1-12 ) such as giving, teaching, prophecy, speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, serving. He teaches specifically that He assigns these gifts as He chooses. He also shares that He expects us to do them ( Romans 12 )!

Jesus gives us each a portion of Him called the Holy Spirit. So that you can work as the ambassador for Christ. ( 2 Corinthians 5:20 ) The body is operated by the Holy Spirit reminding us, teaching us, and guiding us throughout our journey. So yes read that verse, book, or chapter, yes even if you feel you will never remember it. When you need it... the Holy Spirit will remind you!!!!

The purpose of the gifts and fruit from God is to lead others to Christ by example ( not force, not words, not in knowing, and not in judgement or manipulation ) We must remind ourselves if Jesus would not do it... then do not do it. Why? Is it worth leading one of His children to hell ( Matthew 18:6-9) ( whether they are literally a child or a child Christian! )

As the body of Christ we should know and do our part. Within ourselves as the body, we must make sure we are being feed the word of God and letting that word of God come out of us as a message not mess. You get this download with worship, church, reading the Bible )

As the body of Christ in your church, you should serve, listen, show up, give, help others with a natural motion just like your body functions. Just like when you a baby, you need to be cared for and catered to with entertainment, lessons, and comfort when you cry, right? But then you begin to crawl, then walk. Baby Christians are the same.

Eventually we have to get off the milk and get the meat. Once we do, then we begin to grow in the things we need to do for the body of the church. Those things will come naturally without grudging, prideful, inconsiderate, selfish hearts. Above all you would love and show that love through serving others and your church just like Jesus showed you to do, and asked you to do. (See Romans 12)

As a body in your home, you have to learn that you were the chosen one to be the light in that house. The very match that was struck to cast the darkness out. You have to begin operating as the head for a moment no matter if you are the child, the wife, the mother, the father, the Man. Whoever God put the spark in first, and whoever is willing to hear and obey God first should rise and lead. I do not mean boss the house around. I mean act as the light to lead others out of the darkness.

Do not cater to that bad attitude with a bad attitude. Decide and be determined to use God's words in faith and not your words in fear. When they say I do not know when I will feel better, say let's pray because God knows when you will feel better. When others thank you for your hard work, say your welcome, I thank God for giving me the ability to do it. When they say I do not know how I will pay this bill, say God does let's pray about it or I will pray about it.

As the body in your community, state, and world you can be the living breathing example of Christ, ready to smile, wave, help, serve, & pray. Those things are universal no matter where you are. The world needs the example of Christ in it and you need to know you were chosen to pack Jesus around in you and to show that He is in you in your actions and reactions.


  1. You have no excuse for your bad motives, mind, or heart.

  2. Jesus showed us what to do, and we are accountable to Him, not them. So decide that you want to be the body of Christ and rise up and Show What You Know!

Jill Deville

Author - Speaker - Pastor

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