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Do you dislike serving? ( You may say no, but what does your actions show??? )

Stop putting your expectations in people. (Psalms 118:8-14) Especially in these times. Just because your heart, mind and soul is fixed and eager to work for the Lord and His people... it does not mean that others will be on board with you in your circle, home, church or workplace. (Matthew 20:26)

Counting on others, or expecting others to care like you will drain the life out of you, especially in these times. If God put it on your heart to do, then pray for Him to send others like you to lift you up, support you and be as eager as you. (Romans 12:3)

Then pray continually for the idle Christians that do not care to serve the Lord unless it is to benefit them or when it is convenient for them. If God is last to them, you surely will not be first either. They need prayers to be activated by God to strive, and not grow weary. Also pray for yourself to continue to strive and not grow weary because of them. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 )

I say this because in these times when it is time for you to be appreciated, helped, or acknowledged because you doing somthing exciting and feel like you are alone in it, you will need this message to know that they do not have to be there, appreciate you, or care about it, or approve you or what you are doing. (Matthew 6)

God is there, God already approved, God will lift you up, God cares. (John 15:16 ) He is enough and if we truly living Matthew 25:31-47 then we truly will not care who is with us and who is not. Yes it is nice to reap what you sow in, but trust me you will reap it directly from God.

We will know that God sees you, and that we doing this for His Glory not anyone else. We will know that we doing it to lift God up, not anyone else. ( Matthew 6 ) We will know that God will say to us well done my good and faithful SERVANT. Welcome Home. (Matthew 25:21)

Jesus came to serve. He expects us to serve. (Mark 10:41-45)

Jill Deville

Author - Speaker - Pastor

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Thank you for your time, love, prayers and support.

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