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Do not Miss the G.I.F.T!

Today I come to you with a heavy heart and eagerness because I understand how lost I used to be as a Christian. Therefore I understand what lost, tragedy, heart ache, illness, and position I had to be put in to get my full attention on God... this brings my heart, and mind awareness of what I know may have to take place in your life to get your attention.

I recall when growing up hearing parents, grandparents, teachers and even preachers say... I was there I was not born grown. If you could only listen to me you would not have to endure what I had to endure to grow in Christ and to grow up in general.

But I did not receive it, or want to hear that at all. I looked at them and their lives and thought... you have no idea what you are talking about ... it is different for me... ( Sound Familiar??)

Being on the other side of this now... with my children, grandchildren and the youth, congregation, friends, family God has somehow entrusted me with... I see what my piers meant and have this eagerness to protect, inform, support, lift up those that God has entrusted me with as a Mother, Wife, Pastor, Boss, Person, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother... and it literally brings me to tears for the ones that tried to reach me... and the ones I want to reach.

From the Christian that used to think attendance, and time for God is some sort of achievement that should gain me a metal for my time, and my attention. Without considering the sacrifice Jesus made for my life, and the sacrifice my Jesus, my Pastor, and my parents made for me to know, learn, have what I needed.

From the Christian that was on fire for the Lord as a child, & teen being all in when I was at church however that joy, excitement, intention left almost immediately when I left the church.

From that Christian that turned from God, the one that is the author and finisher, the one that gives and takes away, the one that offers IF we seek HIM first and His right standing THEN all will be will added to us.... to think back now knowing All I had been seeking, working, pleasing, doing, pursuing all because the ways of the world seemed and were taught to be easier, faster, and in my control.

From the Adult that was hurt over and over by the church and it's leaders that had me say... I am the church I will just have a relationship with God on my own because these people are nuts and are confusing me and drawing me from God not to God... not realizing I failed the test and fell hard for the temptation. I had decided not to show what I had been learning in the word of God. The way to heal, and grow in that matter was to apply the word of God.. not to flee....

The most I done was pray to God before bed each night after that or in an emergency... otherwise He was non existent not only in my life but completely not introduced in my children's lives for a relationship with Him....other than putting them in a Christian School, then later owning a Christian school with no true connection to God.. just lessons taught about God.

I was a Christian since a little girl, but I was one that was corralled to the church like cattle does to the barn when they are called for feeding time and wanted that meal then I would go on about my business and produce nothing but mess in the field after.

I see this happening all around me now, and I pray day and night for all that I discern... hoping that they would hear the Holy Spirit and listen. That they would just build a relationship with Christ and not have to endure the heartbreak I did.

As a pastor and a person, seeing those God trust me with suffer hurts my heart... and keeps them on your mind day in and day out. My goal as a Pastor and Person is to have the small setting church because it helps you to teach and reach with accountability, to become blameless as God teaches us. With hope that the love of Jesus is seen, felt, and heard through me.

Yes it is harder for members to stay in a small church I have seen many leave in the past 4 years because there are not swallowed up my the crowd, unnoticeable, unreachable, and for most unteachable... You can not help but feel it is your fault but God shows me over and over again... It is not His fault others stray from Him and He created them...therefore it is not leaders or parents faults that others stray from God either... they all have a choice.

In smaller churches you are held more accountable by God because He is going to check on you through the members or the Pastor because they care not because they condemn you, or want anything from you. You are held more accountable because a smaller church will take the time to dig in scripture by scripture and help you learn it, know it, use it and activate it in your actions and reactions. Yes this will make you feel more convicted because of the smaller setting.... but that is the intention of God. He must reveal those things about us all to heal us all.

God wants you to be noticed, taught, loved on, and part of a family He is building for you. He does not want you lost in the crowd... you already feel that way in your own family, school, work.

Remember when your heart prayed for this church, and family with God. Now that you have it, you can not allow your feelings to distract you from it. Just like you have mercy and grace for that lover, parent, sibling, child, friend that seems to always get into stuff but you continue to forgive, help, be there for them.. God is counting on you to do that for the Christians He has placed in your life.

Know that the day was not made for only you and God did not give you the word of God not to use it.

We must learn to use God's word ( Our Sword ) in the things we go through. The thoughts and feelings we have and endure are to break generations curses, traditions, and religious bondage as we Grow In Faith Together (G.I.F.T) that is the true Gift! It is those that fight to the end that will achieve their place in Heaven for eternity says the Lord almighty.

Today I ask if there is somthing in your life that you do that you know is not right and not of God. Just write it down and give it to God by placing it in your bible, journal, or a safe place. If there is somthing you do not like about someone in your life pray for them instead of gossip, worry, or doubt them and speak life into them and know that God is able. Put their name in your bible, write a letter to Lord about how they make you feel and what you want for them to help you hand it to the Lord.

By doing this it shows God you trust Him, and not them. That is what He is looking for FROM YOU today. Start there. God gives us power in our tongue.. our voice... Use it for the Good the good of many so that God can be activated in you and them...

For the Son sets us Free so we are Free indeed! John 8:36

We can not bring freedom to ourselves, especially in our feelings.

We can not bring freedom to others, that is not our job.

Our job is truly to Show What You Know.

To do that, is to know the word of God, and apply it!

James 1-21-22

Author - Speaker - Pastor Jill Deville

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