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Are You Naked & Afraid???

What is your reaction when you are informed of a emergency, loss, bill that is high, a rude person, or a situation you do not agree with?

Do you recall that you have the Armor of God on, Do you go grab it because you had forgotten to put it on, or do you react as if you are Naked & Afraid???

You act Naked and Afraid because you may be Spiritually Naked. I know it is a pain in the BUTT to take the TIME to put on the ARMOR OF GOD...

Let's face it... then WE would not have the time to elevate, pump up, and excite the devil with all the worry, doubt, pity, complaining, gossip, controlling thoughts = OOOPS!

You see the Scripture and the Armor, is hard to remember on purpose!

While you trying to focus on saying it all, remembering it all. That alone would take your mind off the enemy and put it on God.

God knew the lies, tricks, and deception of the enemy from the beginning. He knew he would have us convinced that retaliations, fear, control, manipulation, pity, worry, self help would be the weapons we would be taught to use by life, generation, and tradition.

God knew only the elite would stand their ground and be curious when they were taught the word of God and how to access it. We are this elite. And our job is to get the attention of others by showing them how we truly fight our battles in our actions, reactions and daily lives.

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Jill Deville

Author - Speaker - Pastor

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