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Show What You Know by Author Jill Deville
Show What You Know

Show What You Know is inspired by James 1:22 where James teaches us that knowing the word is not enough we must do it. Show What You Know will help you to learn the word with simplicity like Jesus taught. Show What You Know  will assist you on getting to know Jesus, not just knowing of Him. Show What You Know will help you to trade old actions and reactions for freeing actions and reactions that will bring peace, joy, hope, love and so much more. Show What You know is great for new Christians that are wondering, what now and how do I apply this without feeling defeated  on day 1. Show What You Know will help Christians get back to quality time with Jesus to break free from religious works. Jesus has a plan for us to prosper and succeed and sometimes we miss our blessing because we just do not see them. Show What You Know is great for a Bible Study or to help you learn how to study because it constantly refers you to God's word.

The Inheritance by Author Jill Deville
The Inheritance

The Inheritance is written by Jill L Deville inspired by Matthew 7:6 NIV 6 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.Some hear this verse and blow through it, and some hear it and said been there, done that I am not sharing anything again. We must learn to look deeper. Jesus is teaching us here that not all dogs are bad, and that we should not give what is sacred to dogs or pigs.At first glance you may say Jesus who are you calling a dog or pig, right? But we need to understand, major setbacks in our lives are because we share to much, some things are meant to remain between you and God for a season or for good.In The Inheritance the Holy Spirit guided the writer to share how to protect your pearls and save them to pass on as an inheritance, not to just give them to people we love or that do not love us to trample on.

Armor Up by Author Jill Deville
Armor Up

Armor up, will help you to dig deep with simplicity. It frees you from religion and chore lists that make you feel defeated on day one. You will learn to put on God's armor and how to use it with this book. We have the equipment, the instructions, the directions, the armor, the promises, the examples and the map to get to Heaven ( The Bible ). Now together we just need to learn how to use it! When you are aware of the armor on you, nothing can harm you.

Book no.2
Book no.1

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By Jill Deville



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